Sunday, March 25, 2007

Animator Experience

My first experience was with an Italian company Art5 , were i was Character Animator for a children TV series "Ondino" .

The Second was with another Italian company CartoonOne , were i was Character Animator for a 30 min cartoon for FERRERO called "Skatenini" , and i meet some cool italian animators.

At the moment i'm Character Animator at Blinky Animation Studio, we are working on a HD Tv Series distribuited by Eagle Picture, very funny!.

;) sorry about my english!


Alfo.S. said...

ma ke sorri e sorry..non lo sai parla' l'inglese non ci so scuse!..hahheeh

Alfo.S. said...

...e nemmeno il Tedesco..:D hihih

Montecristo said...

porco! :D