Tuesday, April 17, 2007


OO SORRY i mean ! I've Got The Contract !!!

come on! this is the greatest news ever for me ! After long long long time dreaming, and cry.. seems to be my hour !!! I'm gonna work on a Feature Film ... wowowowo !!!!!

at Ambient Entertainment, Germany. I'm so excited. I've been there for the interview last month, and today i've got my contract.

My position? Character Animator ... sound crazyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I'm gonna work with very cool and talented people, like my friend Jure Prek ( awesome animator)

I think i have great time there, and a lot to learn from my friends and supervisors.

what can i say, a big thanks to my GirlFriend Niky, that help me so much in this long year.

As usual my pose for celebrate ... i think it's a very cliche pose , but what the heck !! :D i'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

remember "Never Stop Dreaming, and never give up"


Alfo.S. said...

Congratulations buddie!:)

a.g.barrows said...

In bocca al lupo!
o in culo alla balena.. visto che sono nel clima marino...
ciao e vieni a trovarmi sul mio blog!

Martin K said...

Awesome man!!!
Congratulation :)

Keep rockin!


Panda said...

ma complimenti!!! :)

Panda :)