Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary

it's been 2 months that i'm here in the beautifull hannover.

I like here so much, the weather is a bit strange, is Summer, but it's cold ( 10 - 15 grades ) and it's raining almost everyday .
I mean i like this, better than italy where my parents are burning under the sun ihihhi :D!

In this two months i discovered the best job in the world, being an animator, and i have meet really cool , funny , friendly people... my co-worker.

We are doing good with the movie, well we complain to much :D but i think is normal!

hope that everything will be cool till the end of my contract here.

Ok have fun, keep up the good work, and see you soon.



Olivier Ladeuix said...

how can you concentrate listening to your IPOD!!!


Animation and music don't go well together according to Ken Harris if I remember correctly.


Montecristo said...

ehehhe i'm not Ken Harris, but i respect his tought!

i think i will be lost without music :P

RoB said...

Awesome shirt dude!!! Great to hear you are doing well bro!