Thursday, June 14, 2007


heyyyy guysss !!!

here i am ! alive! yeah don't worrie!!!

I didn't have the time to post something here.

Today it's raining :D, The deadline are killing us, the guys at work are awesome, and my animations still sucks !!!!!

In the photo that's me ... from the back off course! Cool T-shirt ah ?

the funny thing is that in that moment, the other animators guys was YeLLING like maniacs, jure was imitating a monkey, micha one bird, patrick a chicken ... and so on!!!
Animation is Concentration ah ? join me in the crazy Animation Room .... !!!!! CRAZY!!!!

a little news, me and the other guys, we have open a new blog together ... at the moment it's empty but we will start posting soon cool stuff!

Ok guys!

See you soon, i promise ;)

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