Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lost 2

hey yoooo!

you know how much strong is my passion for DVD's ... Even here in Germany i start buy DVD's :D

the first is Lost Second Season ... Calm down, Is not only in German ... There Is Italienish language too, is this cool ? isn't it ?


My second week at work is finished, i got some new shots to do... aaaaaa! :D

The match is about to begin!

Keep Rocking ....!


Mike said...

Hey , my friend ,how r u doing, lond time have no ur new about! how have u been ? just see u photos, still handsome yo lol ~~~ still planning come travel around China ?

My blog ( ) some of Chinese, hope u can understand ~~~

RoB said...

Hey Dude!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sweet blog you have here bro. You are part of the 3 caballeros!!! That is awesome man! Have fun in Hanover! :)
You deserve it! You will kick butt!