Monday, May 21, 2007

The 3 Caballeros!

Heyyyyy !!! Long time ....

Ok a couple of quick news from Hannover !!

Today my old friend/classmate ... Michael Herold join Me and Jure Prek in the Hannover Studio ... isn't that cool ????

So know we are the 3 caballeros ! ready to kick asses!!

The other news is that i'm doing not bad... the supervisors accepted my first TWO shots! and this is great! AAAAHHH! Champagne for everybody!

Ok guys , nice to chat with you again ... i'll try to post a little more often ... i hope! :D

Have fun and keep rocking!!!


Olivier Ladeuix said...

los 3 caballeros!!!!

Gianmichele said...

Ciaooo bbello....come va la vita da quelle parti ? Mi raccomando non ti affaticare troppo (e non cominciare a tifare per la Germania :P ).


Montecristo said...

la vita va non c'e male!
il lavoro rulla... per quanto riguarda il tifo :D MAI!

sai dove trovarmi!