Sunday, May 6, 2007

My First Week !

heyyyy yooooo!!!!

Here i am! My first week in the beautifull Hannover!
This city have something magic, great people, is cheap and for now the weather is not bad at all!

I didn't had the chance to go around the city, just a bit, cause i haven't car... i'll have a bike really soon !!!!

My first week at work was awesome, i meet some cool Animators, the company is friendly and inspiring. I hope that they like my work, cause i really want to stay here and work on this Feature Film.

We'll see, i'm a bit confused and scared ... but i think it's normal at this stage.

Ok guys, i'll come back to you when i have more news, for now Enjoy the photo that i shoot in a Forest closer to my flat!!!
See you!


Olivier Ladeuix said...

well well well Carmelo! And what about some pictures from work with Micha and Jure?

Montecristo said...

micha is not with us yet!! you have to wait :D
i'll say hello to jure , he's next to me!!! nice guy!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

ok but dont forget to take pics of the office then ;-)